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OEM Goodman/Amana/Janitrol Condenser Fan Motor Part # 0131M00061SP

Replaces part # 0131M0014S 0131M00014, 0131M00061S

Specs:   1/4 HP, 208-230v, 830 RPM, 1.5AMP,  If the motor is sitting with the shaft facing up, rotation is CLOCKWISE. It takes a 5 uf Capacitor rated at 370 volts (NOT INCLUDED). This Motor is 5 5/8″ Diameter, 48Y Frame. 

The Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor # is YDK-180S84062-01

Partial List of Goodman/Janitrol/Amana Units that use this Motor:

APD1430090M41 APD1430090M41AA APD1430090M41BA APD1436090M41 APD1436090M41AA APD1436090M41BA APG13240451 APG13240451BB APG1324045M41 APG1324045M41AA APG1324045M41AB APG1324045M41AC APG1324045M41AD APG13240701 APG13240701BB APG1324070M41 APG1324070M41AA APG1324070M41AB APG1324070M41AC APG1324070M41AD APG13360451 APG13360451AC APG1336045M41 APG1336045M41AA APG1336045M41AB APG1336045M41AC APG1336045M41AD APG1336045M41BA APG1336045M41CA APG1336045M41DA APG13360701 APG13360701AC APG1336070M41 APG1336070M41AA APG1336070M41AB APG1336070M41AC APG1336070M41AD APG1336070M41BA APG1336070M41CA APG1336070M41DA APG13360901 APG13360901AC APG1336090M41 APG1336090M41AA APG1336090M41AB APG1336090M41AC APG1336090M41AD APG1336090M41BA APG1336090M41CA APG1336090M41DA APG153009041 APG153009041AB APG153009041AC APG153009041BA APG153009041CA APG153609041 APG153609041AC APG153709041 APG153709041AB APG153709041AC APG153709041BA APG153709041CA APH1524M41 APH1524M41AC APH1524M41AD APH1524M41BA APH1530M41 APH1530M41AC APH1530M41AD APH1530M41BA APH1536M41 APH1536M41AC APH1536M41AD APH1536M41BA ASX130421 ASX130421CC ASX130421CD ASX130481 ASX130481CC ASX130481CD ASX130601 ASX130601CB ASX130601CC ASX130611 ASX130611AA ASX140481 ASX140481CB ASX140481CC ASX140601 ASX140601BC ASX140601BD ASX160481 ASX160481FA ASZ130481 ASZ130481AD ASZ130481AE ASZ130601 ASZ130601AD ASZ130601AE ASZ140361 ASZ140361BB ASZ140421 ASZ140421AH ASZ140421AJ ASZ140481 ASZ140481AH ASZ140481AJ ASZ140601 ASZ140601AH ASZ140601AJ GPC1336H41 GPC1336H41AB GPC1336H41AC GPC1336H41BA GPC1336H41CA GPC1436H41 GPC1436H41AB GPC1436H41BA GPC1436H41CA GPD1430090M41 GPD1430090M41AA GPD1430090M41BA GPD1436090M41 GPD1436090M41AA GPD1436090M41BA GPG1324045M41 GPG1324045M41AA GPG1324045M41AB GPG1324045M41AC GPG1324045M41AD GPG1324070M41 GPG1324070M41AA GPG1324070M41AB GPG1324070M41AC GPG1324070M41AD GPG1336045M41 GPG1336045M41AA GPG1336045M41AB GPG1336045M41AC GPG1336045M41AD GPG1336045M41BA GPG1336045M41CA GPG1336045M41DA GPG1336070M41 GPG1336070M41AA GPG1336070M41AB GPG1336070M41AC GPG1336070M41AD GPG1336070M41BA GPG1336070M41CA GPG1336070M41DA GPG1336090M41 GPG1336090M41AA GPG1336090M41AB GPG1336090M41AC GPG1336090M41AD GPG1336090M41BA GPG1336090M41CA GPG1336090M41DA GPG1336090M43 GPG1336090M43AA GPG1336090M43AB GPG1336090M43AC GPG1336090M43AD GPG153009041 GPG153009041AB GPG153009041AC GPG153009041BA GPG153009041CA GPG153609041 GPG153609041AC GPG153709041 GPG153709041AB GPG153709041AC GPG153709041BA GPG153709041CA GPH1324M41 GPH1324M41AA GPH1324M41AB GPH1324M41AC GPH1324M41BA GPH1324M41CA GPH1330M41 GPH1330M41AA GPH1330M41AB GPH1330M41AC GPH1330M41BA GPH1330M41CA GPH1336H41 GPH1336H41AB GPH1336H41AC GPH1336H41BA GPH1336H41CA GPH1336M41 GPH1336M41AA GPH1336M41AB GPH1336M41AC GPH1336M41BA GPH1336M41CA GPH1336M43 GPH1336M43AA GPH1436H41 GPH1436H41AB GPH1436H41AC GPH1436H41BA GPH1436H41CA GPH1524M41 GPH1524M41AC GPH1524M41AD GPH1524M41BA GPH1530M41 GPH1530M41AC GPH1530M41AD GPH1530M41BA GPH1536M41 GPH1536M41AC GPH1536M41AD GPH1536M41BA GSC140361 GSC140361AC GSC140361AE GSC140421 GSC140421AC GSC140421AE GSC140481 GSC140481AC GSC140481AE GSC140601 GSC140601AC GSC140601AE GSH130361 GSH130361BC GSH130361CA GSH130363 GSH130363AE GSH130421 GSH130421AF GSH130481 GSH130481AE GSH130483 GSH130483AE GSH130483BA GSX130421 GSX130421BA GSX130481 GSX130481AB GSX130481BA GSX130483 GSX130483AA GSX130601 GSX130601AB GSX130611 GSX130611AA GSX130613 GSX130613AA GSX140481 GSX140481AA GSX140601 GSX140601AA GSX160481 GSX160481FA GSZ130361 GSZ130361AB GSZ130361BA GSZ130361BB GSZ130363 GSZ130363AA GSZ130363AB GSZ130421 GSZ130421AB GSZ130421AC GSZ130421AD GSZ130481 GSZ130481AB GSZ130481AC GSZ130481AD GSZ130483 GSZ130483AA GSZ130483AB GSZ130601 GSZ130601AB GSZ130601AC GSZ130601AD GSZ130603 GSZ130603AA GSZ130603AB GSZ140361 GSZ140361AA GSZ140421 GSZ140421AA GSZ140481 GSZ140481AA GSZ140601 GSZ140601AA SSX140361 SSX140361AC SSX140361AE SSX140421 SSX140421AC SSX140421AE SSX140481 SSX140481AC SSX140481AE SSX140481BA SSX140601 SSX140601AC SSX140601AE SSX140601AF SSX160421 SSX160421AA SSX160481 SSX160481BA SSX160591 SSX160591AA SSZ140361 SSZ140361AG SSZ140361AH SSZ140361BA SSZ140371 SSZ140371AA SSZ140421 SSZ140421AE SSZ140421AF SSZ140481 SSZ140481AE SSZ140481AF SSZ140601 SSZ140601AE SSZ140601AF VSX130421 VSX130421AA VSX130481 VSX130481AA VSX130611 VSX130611AA VSZ130361 VSZ130361AA VSZ130361BA VSZ130361BB VSZ130421 VSZ130421AA VSZ130421AB VSZ130421AC VSZ130481 VSZ130481AA VSZ130481AB VSZ130481AC VSZ130601 VSZ130601AA VSZ130601AB VSZ130601AC WAC4342A WAC4342ABA WAC4348A WAC4348ABA WAC4360A WAC4360AAB WAC4436A WAC4436AAE WAC4448A WAC4448AAE WAC4448ABA WAC4460A WAC4460AAE WAC4642A WAC4642AAA WAC4648A WAC4648ABA WAC4659A WAC4659AAA WGGE4324A045M WGGE4324A045MAB WGGE4324A070M WGGE4324A070MAB WGGE4336A045M WGGE4336A045MAB WGGE4336A070M WGGE4336A070MAB WGGE4336A090M WGGE4336A090MAB WGGE4530A090M WGGE4530A090MAA WGGE4537A090M WGGE4537A090MAA WHP4336A WHP4336AAB WHP4342A WHP4342AAB WHP4348A WHP4348AAB WHP4360A WHP4360AAB WHP4436A WHP4436AAF WHP4436AAG WHP4436AAH WHP4436ABA WHP4442A WHP4442AAD WHP4442AAE WHP4442AAF WHP4448A WHP4448AAD WHP4448AAE WHP4448AAF WHP4460A WHP4460AAD WHP4460AAE WHP4460AAF WPC4330AH WPC4330AHAA WPC4336AH WPC4336AHAA WPC4336AHAB WPC4430AH WPC4430AHAA WPC4436AH WPC4436AHAA WPC4436AHAB WPC4530AM WPC4530AMAA WPC4536AM WPC4536AMAA WPH4324AM WPH4324AMAA WPH4324AMAB WPH4330AM WPH4330AMAA WPH4330AMAB WPH4336AH WPH4336AHAA WPH4336AHAB WPH4336AM WPH4336AMAA WPH4336AMAB WPH4436AH WPH4436AHAA WPH4436AHAB

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Additional information

Weight 14.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 8 in